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Trying to Reduce Cost or Develop a New Idea in the Cannabis Industry?

  • AlderEgo Shenzhen sources and develops business solutions for the cannabis industry in the United States.
  • We supply a large network of licensed retailers and producer processors in WA, OR, CO, NM, AZ, CA & Canada.
  • We are located in the heart of manufacturing and work closely with factories throughout Asia.



We save our partners time and money sourcing:



Our Experience has taught us:

  • Paraphernalia Manufacturing & Sales
  • Commercial Growing (Outdoor, Greenhouse, Indoor, etc.)
  • Oil Extractions (BHO, CO2, Short-Path Distillation, etc.)
  • Retail Packaging Solutions
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Traceability & Testing Requirements (I-502, OLCC, Prop 64, etc.)
  • Retail Management & Operations
  • Industry Sales & Marketing Strategies