We design and manufacture a variety of smoking devices, storage items and accessories in partnership with our factory in Hebei, China.



silicone-productsWe make our own molds and produce our own silicone pipes, bongs, containers and accessories in partnership with a premium silicone factory in Dongguan.


We have been asked to source, design and help produce specialized joint tubes and containers for several of our clients. Our company has several reliable factories that can assist you with your plastic products.


We source our retail packaging from an exclusive factory in Longgang, China. Our team has worked in the packaging and printing industry in China for the past five years. From basic mylar packaging to cardboard box design to child safety bags, we can customize and print any type of packaging for your business needs.



We design, manufacture and assemble our own vapor products (cartridges, coils, batteries, etc.) out of our factory in Bao’an, located on the outskirts of Shenzhen, China.


We source rolling papers and pre-rolled cones from a variety of sources. As a distributor for HBI, we can supply you with popular brands such as RAW, Elements & Zig Zag. For customized paper options, we work with factories based out of India and China.


In 2014, our group began distributing products used in the cannabis industry. We quickly realized that the majority of the brands we sold were manufactured in China.

In 2015, we became a leading supplier of customized and private-labeled accessories and paraphernalia – selling vape pens, glass pipes and bongs, metal herb grinders, silicone containers, etc.

In 2017, our group acquired a strategic manufacturing partner located outside of Shenzhen, China. We also added a design and packaging team that was also located in Shenzhen. Lastly, we added factory partners in Ningbo, China to our portfolio of suppliers.

In 2018, AlderEgo Group re-incorporated in Hong Kong and opened offices in Shenzhen, China. We did this to be able to further enhance our ability to design and produce products that are necessary for the advancement of the cannabis community.