“Branding is like math. The goal is to find the simplest equation to explain something complex.”



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With a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications, Hanna implements research and consumer psychology in creating the most simple and effective brands. Her experience as a copywriter for LG and rebrand strategist for Samsung allows Hanna to bring proven mainstream practices into the cannabis industry.




Advanced Vapor Devices (AVD) was born in 2018.

Our goal was to create the best oil cartridge for state-licensed recreational cannabis & medical marijuana.

We saw a gap between well-designed cartridges and cheap ‘knock-offs‘ coming out of China. Our collective experience designing, sourcing and manufacturing convinced us that the ‘premium’ brands sold with inflated profit-margins.

We decided to take our years of cannabis knowledge as growers, extractors and paraphernalia sellers and move to Shenzhen, China in March of 2018. We assembled a team of industry veterans in manufacturing, engineering and sales from the vape industry.

Today, we deliver cartridges that have less than a .001% failure rate, deliver maximum performance and taste. The most exciting part is the affordable price – allowing our industry partners to remain competitive without sacrificing the premium user experience.

AVD is led by Jonathan (our Founder & CEO) and Lee (our resident Rocket Scientist).


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Brand Strategy

Yes, AVD is an abbreviation for Advanced Vapor Devices. However, it is also a play on the science behind how your brain can read as long as the first and last letters are in the correct place. When you see the three letters A, V, and D alongside the tagline “Get Advanced” the logo will soon automatically make you recall “advanced” which is the essence of the brand. Moreover, the “V” is replaced by a chevron symbol to act as a prototypical element which has a major influence on first impressions of new stimuli. People are naturally hardwired to make snap decisions and prototypical elements help make these quick decisions. Because the chevron symbol is associated with military rank it translates to the superiority of AVD products.


Paraphernalia Lifestyle. User Made. (PLUM) will soon launch it’s first product in Q3 of 2018. Our goal was to create a collection of cannabis-related lifestyle products that focused on responsible use, quality design and affordability.

Much like AVD, we recognized a major gap between premium paraphernalia brands and inexpensive products being mass produced in China by factories that didn’t have a clue about the industry.

Our design, engineering and manufacturing teams are excited to launch the PLUM Seed in the coming months. Stay tuned!

PLUM is led by Jonathan (our Founder & CEO) and Lee (our resident Rocket Scientist).

Website: (Coming Soon!)


Brand Strategy

Plum is an acronym for “Paraphernalia Lifestyle. User Made”. In a new industry where many things are borrowed from existing industries, cannabis users often jerry-rig products made for other purposes. Moreover, many products sold in the cannabis industry today are made by people who do not even partake. The PLUM brand was created in response to the shared pain point of all cannabis enthusiasts. In addition, PLUM also carries the meaning of responsible use. Being one of the first fruits domesticated by humans, it resembles the mainstream cannabis industry. The privilege of having access to legal cannabis should be matched with responsible use.  

TROUT All-Flower Pre-Rolls was born in 2017 at the Gorgeous Green Farms – outside of Troutdale, Oregon. Our goal was to create a premium smoking experience at an affordable price for all to enjoy.

We grew tired of the same gap between crappy pre-rolls made of trim and larf and super premium kief-infused or “twax” pre-rolls being sold for upwards of $16.00 per joint. In partnership with the state-licensed farm in Troutdale, we helped improve overall growing methods, developed efficient pre-roll processing methods and created an overall brand & pricing strategy.

This was possibly our most fun project as we got to see the look on people’s faces when we delivered their first orders and heard the feedback on how they couldn’t believe we could bring our customers an All-Flower, Organically-Grown, Half-Gram Joint for only $2.00 each.

Our Brand Strategy, Creative Design & Packaging absolutely crushed it and we enjoy seeing our TROUTS in high demand all over Oregon today.

TROUT is a collective effort by Jonathan (our Founder & CEO), Hanna (Our Brand Strategist), Frank (Our Packaging Expert), Mia (Our Creative Designer) and Randy (Our Grow Consultant).

Website: (Coming Soon!) | Instagram


Brand Strategy

The main goal of Trout was localization and existing brand assimilation. Because the Cannabis industry lacks established brands, we had to do extensive target research to identify brands of similar industries such as the tobacco and alcohol industry that the target audience finds favorable. When people see what they expect to see based on past experiences in the correct context, it creates a sense of familiarity and ease. Such feelings translate to trust and purchase intention.


We love Developing Products & Branding, but most importantly we enjoy solving problems as a group. Let’s discuss your project and see if we can help.